• 🔊🔊Here is another example to help your students improve their listening while working on our P.E. contents.


    🧐💪🏼 This could be a progression to perform a proper push up. We have to take into account that our students will have different conditioning levels and it’s our responsibility to assess them all and give them the chance to improve and reach the goals stablished.


    ✅Print all sheets with the exercises and the qr codes to have them in your classes and let learners check the different exercises to perform them properly. (Download it from my website“ Edu.Física”—>”INFOGRAPHICS”).


    ✅ Divide them into ten groups, so each of them has to explain one exercise to their mates (Listening+Speaking).



    ✏️✏️Write at the comment section your opinion about this progression and the grade in which you would introduce this activity (4º E.S.O/1º BACH?)😊.



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