🎙🎙Speaking should be one of our priorities in our P.E classes.


    1️⃣Firstly, we have to understand that our students might feel uncomfortable speaking in a foreign language, therefore, we have to give them, not only all the resources they need to build a proper sentence but also, create a non-judgmental environment to make everyone feel confident to participate.😁


    2️⃣Once they get used to talk in English, cooperative learning seems to be a good strategy to force students get into different conversations that will have a significant impact on their speaking.🧐



    ⚠️⚠️ Some apps were mentioned in this post. If you want to watch a quick tutorial of each of them, go to my web page and download the infographic called “General Speaking”. 📲 📱📱In that infographic there are some examples of games that you can play to give you an idea of how to put this into practice.



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