• 🤚🏽Avoid falling into the language barrier by giving importance to the Vocabulary.


    Use the ideas shown in this post to help students learn the new vocabulary as well as:

    🟢Reduce explanation time.

    🟢Make warm ups and cool downs more efficient.

    🟢More opportunities to catch up in spite of a prior lack of English skills.


    ⚠️⚠️ Some apps were mentioned in this post. If you want to watch a quick tutorial of each of them, go to my web page and download the infographic called “General Vocabulary”. 📲 📱📱In that infographic there are some examples of games that you can play to give you an idea of how to put this into practice.


    ❌ These ideas should never be taken as the only way to teach your lessons. We all know, as teachers, that part of our work consists in adapting our classes to the different contexts (Motor development, English level, school internal goals, educational laws...). Hence, make a plan, apply it, analyze how it works and find the best fit for you and your learners.


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